22 Jan 2009, 1:32am
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what beauty is

there’s an army of lost souls don’t know quite where to fight
there’s an enlightened archer claims that all shots are strikes

danny schmidt, “today”

sometimes it’s just the small things, the tender things, the inexplicable things, the unexpected. last night it was these board game pieces strewn across an intersection on my regular bike ride home:

and tonight–tonight i took the bus. i watched a man step onto the bus, sling his messenger bag off, find a book inside it, open the book, pull out the bus transfer pass he’d been using as a bookmark, show it to the driver, and do it all again in reverse before taking his seat. i don’t know why i found the sight so touching and tender. but there you go. you find it where you can.

while i was waiting for the bus i stood near a group of reed freshman (they are astonishingly easy to identify, speaking as someone who was one myself only five years ago). i listened to them chat about classes and hall advisers and their friends and i think i caught a hint of what others (so i hear) find so distasteful in reedies. but i think it has a lot more to do with youth than it does with reed itself. these students have just discovered how very very smart they are. what they haven’t figured out yet is how very very stupid they are. and there’s something pretty beautiful in that, but it’s the kind of beauty that’s easy to hate if you’re not careful.



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