25 Jan 2009, 11:28am

lovely things

i promise you (read: me) that i am still planning to write that documentation/accumulation/memory post. one of the things i will write about is my knowledge that for me, personally, what i remember has a lot to do with what i write down or otherwise document. with that in mind, here are some lovely things from the present and recent past.

* there is snow on the ground and oh-so-very delicious and epiphanic and downright transcendent french press kona coffee in my mug (i just finally bought a french press a few days ago)

* one month from yesterday i will put some pieces of my heart back together, one way or another (to be very cliché about it)

* my warm kitty space heater resting his head on my wrist while i type

* popcorn, courtesy of the hot air popper i rescued from my parents’ pantry a few weeks ago. my parents actually bought it for me when i was young after i nearly ruined a microwave and kind of melted a microwave popper (i remember grabbing the popper with an oven mitt, rushing outside and down the stairs and tossing the whole thing into the lake we lived by at the time–the ducks were quite happy to eat the burnt popcorn after i fished out the mangled plastic)

* i taught my bike safety/urban cycling skills paideia class yesterday. only 2 people showed up, but they were both enthusiastic. hopefully they will encourage their friends to be safer cyclists as well

* afterward i ran into a friend of mine and spent a few minutes excitedly chatting about a possible theatre workshop group (or if you prefer, revolution) we might put together with interested friends–to practice our underused-since-graduation skills, read plays together, discuss, grow, prosper, etc

* i am really bubbling over with love and appreciation for my friends

* fertile ground: a city-wide festival of new work

(portland center stage / the armory)

* patching my favorite jeans

* catching the very last bus home and walking the last mile or two past 1am

* my bright, bright, recently redyed pink hair

* my neighborhood

i badly miss having The Fridge be a part of my daily visual landscape.

I’m thrilled to hear your French press is working for you!
Love you,



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