16 Jan 2009, 7:19pm
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the light was beautiful this morning. the sun was beautiful today! the weather lately has been full of these days, sunny and clear and cold–our dear northwest sneaks ‘em into the middle of our otherwise dreary winters to keep us on our joyous toes.

mostly i’ve been feeling really great this winter. hardly a hint of the winter blues. hawaii’s lingering influence? the little vitamin d supplement pills i’ve been taking every day (good for bones)? whatever, i’m not complaining. that said, i have been in a little funk recently. mostly i feel calm, content, peaceful–but sometimes i am so lonely, and it feels like the loneliness will never end, no matter what.

human condition stuff probably. but hanging around my house by myself in these last (beautiful!) days before my next gig starts is not helpful. so today i went for a bike ride in the long afternoon shadows.

this spot along the springwater corridor overlooking the willamette is one of my favorite places to sit by myself. i wasn’t the only person with the idea this afternoon:

home as the sun set.



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