22 Dec 2008, 11:33pm
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snow days

i’m a bit late, but happy solstice. this day was a little longer than yesterday.

the evening show yesterday was cancelled but even so it took me five or six (happy!) hours to get home. i bought some xmas presents for my family at powell’s books and then ran into a friend on the slow bus from downtown. on the east side of the river, we stomped through the snow together to his house for hot cocoa, magnetic poetry, and catching up. when i left, i stomped on south and called another friend when i was near his house. in this way i made my way home from one warm stepping-stone place to another.

i walked down 41st ave in the middle of the street. the footsteps ahead of me were fresher than the car tracks they followed. i am loving this weather because it is so unusual and that unusualness means portland doesn’t have the infrastructure to “deal” with it–so snow covers all the pavement, even on main streets… and there are so very few cars on the road and everyone laughs together and how unusual it is and smiles at their neighbors and walks down the center of the street. it feels like a little glimpse of utopia.

today, though, i gather the snow has pretty much done in even the buses, which had up ’til now been pretty good at getting one where one needed to get eventually, and camaraderie aside, it’s been a disaster for portland’s transportation budget, according to bikeportland.org.

it was my day off anyway, and i have hardly left the house. just taking out the trash was in and of itself an adventure this morning–but i sorta regret the day. i like myself and the city and pretty much everything else much better when i get outside. this is one of those truths i’ve discovered about myself since i graduated from college. still, not a total loss. i made granola (i love this recipe) and watched doctor who with my housemates and my cat. and i did a whole lot of reading of peace corps journals.

oh i wish i were in portland today…



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