30 Dec 2008, 5:08pm
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arbitrary dates for self-reflection

in 2008, probably the best and worst year of my young life, i:

* held my dying cat kari, the heart of my heart, my companion of more than fifteen years, while she took her last breaths.

* visited friends and family in berkeley and san francisco.

* stage managed two shows for public playhouse (moonlight and magnolias and daughters), stage managed the “made in oregon” series and the promising playwrights at jaw this summer, and was on the backstage crew for a christmas carol at portland center stage.

* finally managed to sell my car, and lived off the proceeds for awhile.

* found a well of happiness within myself (somewhere in my belly).

* fell in love.

* biked over 230 miles in three days in april, from my doorstep in portland to my parents’ house in sammamish, washington.

* biked in provence with my dad and my brother.

* made plans to spend two months in india in the fall, which were later cancelled due to the angst mentioned below and other angst related to other bike vs. car collisions. it was a rough summer, what can i say?

* got hit by a pick-up truck while riding my bike, resulting in a broken collarbone, a busted knee, some post-traumatic anxiety crap, and a whole lot of angst.

* lived in the jungle in beautiful hippied-out puna, hawaii for a month, doing work-trade for my jungle-hut accommodations, swimming in the ocean, dancing, playing, and exploring.

* appreciated the hell out of my friends and family.

* read 35 novels, seven books of short stories, a couple dozen plays, four graphic novels, one biography, one book of poetry, two travel memoirs, four books that defy categorization, and nearly 70 zines of varying length and quality. i also started reading three books that i did not finish.

at the end of 2007, i answered the question “do you have any plans for 2008?” with simply this: “the future is full of possibilities!” 2009 approaches and, well, the future is still full of possibilities. just the way i like it.

here are my resolutions/revolutions/evolutions for 2009:

  • better my relationship with my dreams (the “dream big” kind and the actual subconscious kind)
  • read less; write, create, and act(ivism) more
  • pay more attention to the things i do read
  • devote (even) more energy to seeking and creating meaning in my life

    a. recently took these photos in goa:

    new happy your to you!

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