12 Nov 2008, 2:26pm
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thank you

i gotta take this space to write some thank yous.

first, to madame pele, for welcoming me to her island with such generosity and plenty.

to lauren, who has been incredibly kind, generous and welcoming.
to her family, especially her mother kathy and her grandfather dick.
to mojo, lloyd, lee, josh, joe, elesha, saffron, sage, alice, chris, christian, richard, claudia, sam, max, stone, kelly, bastian, thi and everyone else at hedonisia.

i generally haven’t been attaching anyone’s names to my blog posts here, though i have been posting pictures that include the people i’ve met. i’ve kind of been assuming that people sorta figure that digital photos might or even probably will end up online, but that blogging is another can of beans. i’d like to respect everyone’s personal boundaries, and i hope they don’t mind my listing their names here… but i really do want to acknowledge everything that the people listed above have done for me in my time here in puna. they have all been incredibly warm and welcoming and i feel privileged and lucky to have stumbled into their acquaintance.

lastly (but of course not leastly)…

though i am here in hawaii independent of my family and friends in the pnw, i feel in some ways that i have a partner here, though he is actually on the other side of the world. i hope he doesn’t mind me posting this here. i would not be here in hawaii if not for him (for better or worse–hah!) and he has been a big part of my healing here. he’s helped me learn how to forgive myself, him, and everyone/everything else for the unfortunate events of this past summer, and, i hope, vice versa. regardless of how things shake out, i know that he’s incredibly important to me and i hope we can remain in each other’s lives.

you know who you are. mahalo and namaste… and happy birthday (i think it’s the 13th where you are!).

i go home in less than a week. i think it’s about time. still, hawaii has been good to me.

i’m working on painting the ceiling in the barn for my work trade today. i’m pretty sure i have paint in my hair, and i know i have paint in one of my eyebrows. a lot of the clothes i brought here will come home with paint stains and splotches; i think that obviously the “solution” to this “problem” is to paint more when i get home.



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