14 Nov 2008, 5:28pm

lazy hedonisia days

things have been pretty laidback here lately. what am i saying, “lately”??

yesterday’s weather was kind of like portland weather often is–it’s sunny! no it’s raining! no it’s pouring! no it’s sunny again!–but of course even when it’s pouring here it’s warm and downright pleasant and there’re big fat drops dripping through the jungle leaves… i took some pictures around the property:

the driveway:

(the sign says “remember the love / with aloha from hedonisia hawaii”)

the bathroom area–note the harvested bananas hanging on the right there:

the huge mural on the back (or front??) of the barn:

cozy inside:

in the afternoon during a relatively sunny period, i went with another girl here down to ahalanui park, which is called that by pretty much no one–everyone just calls it the warm pond. it’s a large, volcanically heated saltwater pool, right by the ocean. waves come right over and into it:

it rained while we were swimming and rained on and off as we made our way home. i’m pretty sure hitching a ride in the back of a pick-up truck in the pouring rain is a quintessential puna experience. every once in awhile it is just fantastic to be completely dressed and drenched.

i had just enough time for a quick warm-up shower before lauren picked me up to take me into pahoa for her wheel of fortune viewing party at the local mexican restaurant, luquin’s. yes, she was on wheel of fortune with a friend of hers! the game she played in aired last night, so she got a bunch of friends and family together to watch it.

i drank a (very strong) mango margarita. ex-margarita by the time i took this picture:

the stuff around the edge instead of salt is li hing mui, which i figured was worth a try ’cause i’m not a big fan of salt rims anyway. it’s full of aspartame and stuff but pretty tasty. lauren asked what i thought and when i told her i liked it she said (as she has said before), “you’re such a good local!” aw, i’m just a haole tourist, but i felt a little warm and fuzzy nonetheless. maybe it was the margarita.

today i spent some of my work trade down by sunnyside, one of the acommodations–kind of built around an old tractor (abandoned there by the previous owner of the property), with the tractor and another little sheltered area being used for storage, like so:

i was sorting some of the wood scraps currently shoved willy-nilly into the cab of the tractor. i found this (alas, poor anole!):

and also took a whole bunch of pictures of the fantastic vines wrapping themselves all over everything and dancing in the air:

hedonisia wildlife:

oh, and–when i first started sleeping up at ocean view… the rain at night, the coqui frogs, the creepy crawlies imagined and real all kind of felt just a little threatening. now it is just amazing sleeping up there. i climb the hill with confidence. the past few nights the moon has been so bright i’ve hardly needed my flashlight. i sleep so soundly, surrounded by jungle. in the early morning i wake up and roll over and–this–

oh, hawaii…!

came across your post because it mentions coqui’s but then saw portland and oregon and had to ask if by chance you know david “chops” darby or if you knew deborah k. marsh …

sorry, no. portland is a pretty big city.

was just a chance/hope … reading your posts and seeing the images and the art and bikes and the hair color reminded me of debbie, she was my niece and lived in portland but passed away in 2004 … http://www.happinessu.org/deb/ … thanks for the reply and the stories of your time here on the wonderful big island!



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