17 Nov 2008, 7:16pm
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gotta hele on

today i finished up my work trade by painting this table:

yes, those are nekkid ladiez in two of the petals. it’s an aesthetic of which mojo (the owner of hedonisia) is quite fond, and hey i aim to please.

also, by the way, the finished floor in maiʻa hale (slightly awkward photos due to limited space in which to take them):

it’s already a little grubby by virtue of being, you know, a floor. i did the lettering and i’m pretty pleased with it–though i did learn soon after we finished this that the apostrophe in “maiʻa” is actually an ʻokina, which looks more like an upside-down apostrophe, like so:

oh well! you probably can’t tell, but every ʻokina in this entry is actually a proper ʻokina, thanks to my mad html skillz. and google.

this afternoon i packed most of my things, shaking out all my dirty laundry just in case, because i’d hate to be accused of attempting to illegally transport millipedes to the mainland when my bags go through agricultural inspection tomorrow morning. hah!

here are some things i will not miss about living in puna:

  • the mosquitoes
  • finding millipedes in my clothes and on my person
  • worrying about seven-inch-long centipedes
  • worrying about my clothes molding (yes, this is actually a legitimate worry)
  • um, the mosquitoes

    there are lots more things i will miss, of course.

    last night i think i accidentally killed two tiny coqui frogs–maybe a quarter-inch long each–while trying to sweep them off of my computer screen. last night while sitting around a bonfire i was startled when a snail crawled across one of my toes (yes, startled by a snail). but mostly i’m cool with everything with four or fewer legs.

    tonight as the sun set i went for a walk down the street with all three of the kids currently living here (two, four and seven years old), just me and them. i think i need to get a dog or something, friends.

    i’m leaving here at 6:30 tomorrow morning. see you soon, portland!

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