27 Nov 2008, 12:54pm
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flying is not like riding a bike

(though riding a bike is sometimes like flying.)

yesterday i started a new theatre gig, a big-budget (for portland) holiday show for which i am on the crew, doing whatever is needed backstage. the most exciting thing that i get to do backstage is fly. the last show i worked on in which i flew something was the second show i ever stage managed, this crazy production of alice in wonderland in which a half dozen or so middle schoolers played all the parts–in one memorable scene, they all played the jabberwock (one its leg, one its lower jaw, two its tail and so on). anyway, i called the show from backstage and got up to fly in and out… a forest? not the tulgey wood, though. red and black branches that the kids unclipped from cables and used as tails and brooms, maybe. i still think about that show. i learned a lot about theatrical possibilities–before then i’d mostly been involved in musicals and boring productions of boring three-act dramas.

anyway, that was seven years ago, when i was sixteen and didn’t know enough about theatre to really appreciate the fact that my high school’s theatre had a freakin’ fly system. and flying, apparently, is not like riding a bike. i am going into work early tomorrow to get a little lesson on how to not make big crashing noises happen backstage during the show, et cetera. friday will be an even longer day than yesterday, and yesterday i worked ten hours, not counting our dinner break. but it flew by, really. tech week is one of my favorite parts of any production, and it’s kind of neat to be stepping in just in time for that period of organized chaos when all the “magic” starts to happen.

bonus!–i really like the people at this company. i would love to keep working for them or even get a permanent job there… uh, wouldn’t i? if i did, i wouldn’t be able to take off for hawaii or on my bike or whatever. right now i’ve only got a real idea of what my future looks like through march (this gig, then a stage management gig). and yeah, come april i might very well be in portland working in theatre with my life planned another four months or so ahead… but hey, i might not! maybe this is immaturity, or maybe it’s just my way of coping with the fact that i don’t actually have any job security. or maybe it’s something else altogether. my modus operandi for this time in my life. whatever; i am quite happy to not really care one way or the other what it all means at the moment. that’s the truth.

another truth: i sure miss puna. with that in mind, here is a little list–

some nice things about portland in the winter
or, how i learned to stop feeling s.a.d. and love the rain

  • piling three quilts, one blanket, and one purple-velvet-covered comforter on my bed
  • the warm whoosh of forced-air heating
  • puddles
  • cowboy boots for puddle-stompin’
  • old fashioned hot chocolate (cocoa, milk, sugar, stovetop)
  • plus a shot of peppermint schnapps
  • rosy cheeks
  • kitty cuddles

    that said, yesterday was glorious. cold but clear. i biked downtown and back and it feels good to use those muscles again.

    there you go. all that and a whole lot more–happy thanksgiving.

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