30 Nov 2008, 12:54am
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ebenezer and the ghost of christmas future world tour 2008

sometimes you remember that theatre is a lot of people coming together to play pretend, key word play, and you’re already laughing so you laugh harder and think, oh, yeah. that’s why.

last night i came home exhausted and just a little despairing. put my only long-sleeved black shirt* in the laundry, went to sleep, woke up, biked to the theatre–and today was another long day. i flew things in and out, handed off props, read zines in too-dim light during pauses and slow times, drank coffee, covered the not-black parts of my bike gloves with gaff tape (my palms were a little torn up from yanking on ropes bare-handed yesterday), pulled back masking curtains, struck set pieces and furniture, hummed the christmas carols irreversibly stuck in my head, ran around wearing my swanky wireless headset, rode enormous turntables in circles on the stage, paced and danced behind the set waiting for standby cues, straightened collars on the children’s costumes, wound and unwound extension cords and sound cables, timed the movements of an electric fan i held to coincide with an old man’s snore, and, yes, laughed. even when there’s lighting equipment worth several times more than the entire budget of other shows i’ve worked on in just one cart that’s rolled on and off stage once during the show, the kind of problem-solving that goes on during tech week is the same kind that goes on during any tech week, and yeah it’s frustrating and yeah… it’s fun.

i gotta get to sleep so i can get up in the morning and do it again.

* this is a problem. i also don’t have a pair of black pants with pockets (not vital for a stage manager, but as a stagehand today i walked around with a lot of stuff stuck down my waistband). oooh, i am a morning person when left to my own devices and i love being bright and colorful, but i also love working in theatre, disappearing backstage in my blacks, and getting off work at 11:30pm.



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