22 Oct 2008, 5:45pm
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did you know that one of the volcanoes that make up this island–mauna kea–is actually the tallest mountain in the world, measured from its base (uhhh, 19,000 feet below sea level) to its summit? it’s over 1,000 meters taller than everest!

kilauea is the active volcano–the most active volcano on the planet!–where the goddess pele lives. today (and several days in the past week) i walked on earth that is younger than i am.

today i met up with a friend of mine from high school. i hadn’t seen her since our graduation five and a half years ago (!), but when she found out i was on the big island, she very generously offered to give me any rides i might need to the grocery store or around the island… it turns out she lives only a couple of miles away, between here and pahoa! so today she took me to the natural foods store in town and i bought a ridiculous amount of groceries. we got lunch down by the lava flow and walked up onto the open expanse of windy lava… i’d have pictures to share, but my camera was buried under my groceries in my bag, and i figured oh well, there will always be another time–my time here seems endless! i have only been here a week!

this is a beautiful place to be, undeniably. but it’s so hard to get around here without a car. i think if i were to come here for a longer time, i would try to get a moped or something. you may recall i thought about bringing my bike, but in retrospect i am glad i didn’t. the roads here are narrow and dip up and down like you wouldn’t believe (wheeee rollercoaster!). the narrowness wouldn’t bother me so much except for the dips, which mean you often don’t see what’s ahead of you until you’re right on top of it. i would rather not be the what’s ahead, especially since there’s some crazy drivers and very little enforcement of drunk driving laws and the like.

a whole bunch of the people staying here at hedonisia have been here for a relatively long time–since the spring, etc–long enough to consider themselves residents of hawaii. that’s why i mention the “longer time,” i guess. i can see where they’re coming from. life here is slow and easy and beautiful, and my friend from high school tells me that the mosquitoes will eventually leave you alone when you’re no longer fresh meat. but i miss my bike and theatre and portland’s streets, and being carfree is important to me. when i leave here i will miss the jungle and the okinawa spinach in the garden. oh the luxury of having things to miss! it feels often like i am unusual in knowing, in my early 20s, where i want to grow old and maybe raise kids and all that. so my wandering feels different than the wandering of the wanderers i find around myself. i don’t know; i might surprise myself yet, of course.

anyway my friend and i got along really well this afternoon, though we weren’t close in high school. she asked me if there was anything i really wanted to do on anywhere on the island while i’m here, and i mentioned (feeling kinda silly) that i sorta wanted to go to this restaurant that my family and i used to eat at when we came to the island (my brother went to boarding school here for two years, and my family used to visit the kona side of the island about once a year–our last trip as a family was around new year 2004), called bamboo, in hawi, way up at the northernmost tip of the island. and she said, yeah, sure! there’s some great camping up near there! we could make a weekend of it!


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