28 Oct 2008, 9:31pm
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sweetness & light

the place i’m sleeping right now, ocean view, is pretty much the most beautiful place on the property during the day time. at night, though, the narrow path up the hill and the thick jungle behind it are, well, just creepy enough to make me pretty eager to hop into bed and get the covers wrapped securely around me (bogey monsters are totally defeated by cotton). last night i woke up in the dark of the night because something was scrabbling around on the roof (made of bamboo supports and a couple tarps). i lay awake for what seemed like forever listening to whatever it was. one of the cats? a mongoose? or a GIANT CENTIPEDE?? unlikely, my logical mind patiently explained… and eventually i fell back asleep and woke up shortly after sunrise in the most beautiful place again.

yesterday we got a ride into town from a guy who was listening to some kind of tape or radio program about the history and importance of the apple in early pioneer america. the narrator went on a tangent about sweetness, and how it used to be a big virtue–sweetness and light. how it’s only in more recent history that sweetness has become, well, somewhat saccharine.

hawaii is sweet, my friends. my life, the synthesis of my experiences, my increasing self-awareness and awareness of the communities around me: all sweet. fuckin’ sweet!

today i started a new mandala–in full color.

this is midnight, one of two cats around here:

“bogey monsters are totally defeated by cotton”
and yeah, they are.



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