30 Oct 2008, 9:18pm
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seriously ridiculous

what a great day! what a series of great days! mahalo… thank you pele.

a couple days ago i painted a little sign for one of the gardens to label some bean plants. then i was asked to paint some new signs to label the various recycling bins, and next thing i know me and another girl here are being asked to design and paint the floor for the mai’a (banana) cabana, a new accommodation on the property. we started this morning and we’re both having such a good time doing it. and this pleasure is what’s letting me stay here for free!? (pictures when it’s done, probably!)

this afternoon’s adventures took us up to the hamakua coast north of hilo. we stopped on the way at this place called baker tom’s, where we met tom himself, a crazy dude who makes delicious malasadas and who discounted my lilikoi malasada (delicious!) i think because i have pink hair. and/or ’cause he thought i was kama’aina (local/native). i guess i’m getting a tan! i have heard a lot of people say that when you come to the island, pele either accepts you or she spits you back out. i have rarely felt so welcomed and embraced; thank you thank you pele…

we went to this amazing freshwater swimming hole in a place called ninole. it’s hidden under a bridge along a quiet road and really the most wonderful unexpected place!

i didn’t jump off that ledge, no. my excuse? well, remember that picture from yesterday of me hanging by my arms from a tree branch? today, much to my frustrated surprise, my collarbone was displeased with me. still–pretty bad excuse. instead:

smaller ledge! and the two of us promised to jump WHEN we go back before i leave. i know i know we will (go back) and we will (jump!).

scrabbling up and over rocks. so much fun.

the rain chased us under the bridge for awhile:

along a road near the swimming hole was this seriously awesome tree (i love how that phrase means pretty much the same thing as “ridiculously awesome tree”–this is indicative of something, folks), a rainbow eucalyptus:

and then green tea and japanese food in hilo…

i spent the whole ride home thinking thank you thank you there is so much beauty… i am almost afraid that i will just stop feeling this way when i get home to portland. but i guess if that’s how it is, then, well, i know what to do. but i think that if i approach portland with the same freshness and openness with which i arrived here, i will be just fine–much, much more than fine. it will be harder there, because i think i know the way things are there, and things and people there think they know the way i am. it is hard to allow the things and people we love to be more than and better than and changed from what we know of them. i will try. and i will try to be more and better and allow myself the changes i need, whatever that may mean–the things i can’t even imagine yet…

love & aloha,
sweetness & light,
take care & give care,


1 Feb 2009, 6:01am
by Amanda


I am heading to the Big Island to wwoof in the next month and was just curious if you could tell me the name of the farm you are/were working on? Or if you have any advice to offer? I am just trying to get a better idea of what’s ahead. Also…awesome pictures!

Thanks for any help!



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