23 Oct 2008, 6:47pm
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it took me until sunday to notice the stars. we were standing on the lava looking at the glowing plume, and someone said “what a picture.” someone else said “yeah, the lava’s really something,” and the first person said, “no, i mean the whole thing, starting with the stars.” and we all looked up, and my god!

the view inside my tent this morning–with all my drying unmentionables draped over the top:

below: the view out the back of the barn (the common area where the kitchen and food storage and such is, plus books, dvds, couches and the like. also my bed/tent, for now) sometime last week, in the rain. on the left is the bathroom and shower area. the pink structure is the cat house. the structure behind that is bamboo hut, one of the sleeping areas. i’m hoping to move out of the barn and into one of the independent structures sometime next week…

this guy was hanging out behind the kitchen sink this morning:

the door to the shower (the other side of the sign says “occupied”):

and, um, here’s my feet this morning. just in case you thought i was exaggerating about the mosquito thing (agggh one of them just dove down my shirt as i typed that!). i don’t have chicken pox; i have tasty tasty flesh (apparently):

this afternoon we went to kapoho tide pools to bask on lava rock and wade and swim a bit.

see the rainbow??:


also, i voted today. my absentee ballot made it here all right, but the “secrecy envelope” i was supposed to put it into before putting it into the mailing envelope that was also included was, uh, sealed shut by the humidity here. i actually tried to steam it open, and then i tried to freeze it open (hey it was worth a shot), before somewhat-messily ripping it open and taping it back up again. i wrote a note and signed across the tape with sharpie, so hopefully it’ll be all right. i think it’s pretty funny, really.

and no, i’m not telling you for whom i decided to vote.



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