19 Oct 2008, 10:40pm


in my meaningless quest to document the undocumentable, today i may have succeeded a few times.

before i came here–or maybe i made that up, maybe i decided this just this afternoon–i’m not sure it matters–i decided that i would take what this island had to offer me and give to it and the people i found around me what i could. taking what comes, etc etc. i have no idea what i can give–except, i don’t know, an open heart. blah!

today i went with six other people to a tiny secluded beach called fox’s landing. for most of the day we were the only people there. a few other people were there for awhile, before it started raining (it rained on and off all day)–long enough to machete open a coconut for us to drink the milk from. this is what i mean. about taking what is given to me. i feel showered in gifts.

we spent the whole afternoon exploring, and part of the evening, as the sun set… words are, as usual, inadequate. here:

from up on top of the cliffs surrounding the beach, you could see the plume of steam where the lava flow hits the ocean!

we found our way out of the jungle to the car again and drove just down the road to the parking area for the lava viewing–hiked out to see the plume again, glowing red, and the path the lava took above us, also glowing red…

the lesson of the volcano is this: the earth is as young as it is old.

there is treasure all around us.

Lovely! I wish I could be there. It’s raining and thundering here, and cold.


[...] that pele (via kilauea) has swallowed up fox’s landing, the little beach where i spent a magical, healing day two years ago. i’m grateful to pele for letting me take what i needed from that sacred place [...]



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