24 Sep 2008, 8:49pm
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two things about my body

thing one about my body
my lovely lady lump:

thing two about my body
this evening just now i was kind of idly wondering how fast i could run a mile. the last time i ran a continuous mile was sometime in high school when i was made to for p.e. class. it took me ten minutes and forty seconds, i think. i was very impressed with myself because the time before that (in middle school) i’d been one of those kids who takes so long they write down “15+ minutes” for your time.

so i went out and did it. i mapped out a mile loop from my house, put on some sneakers, grabbed my stopwatch (which i use all the time as a stage manager) and ran out the door.

for the record it took me ten minutes and six seconds.

this is crazy i hate jogging but it felt pretty good.



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